Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Veteran Leadership Rounds Out Draft

Midfield Presence and Netminders Complete Battle's
Player Selections

The 6'5" monster that has watched the nets of the Austrian National Team is now set to be the netminder for the Alamo City Battle Soccer Club. "He's everything you look for in a keeper. Big, agile, and smart. He's the perfect replacement for Keller and the perfect fit for Alamo City." Gspurning could very well be the keeper of the future for Alamo City. At 30 years of age he's still quite young for a keeper and already has International and European experience at the club level. He's not only been charged with filling the shoes of an American legend, but with stepping into a high profile position in the Bigtime Soccer League.

The first of Alamo City's 7th round picks brings loads of experience to the Battle midfield. "Oh, we love this guy and
can't believe he was available. Most think he'll get lost in the shuffle in LA but we don't think so at all. He's got the flash and the skill to excel here." Backing that up is Sarvas' most recent exploits with L.D. Alajuelense of Costa Rica. Wearing the 10 jersey, Sarvas led the club to the 2011 "Double" Title (they won both half championships).

The final player taken by Alamo City in the 2012 player draft is by no means a slouch. Hartman is arguably the best keeper in the history of Major League Soccer. "He's as solid as they get between the sticks. He takes charge of the backline and directs the defense. Oh, and he's a hell of a shot stopper as well. Hartman is the perfect keeper. There's a reason we chose to take him rather than another position player." Not only does this pick provide Alamo City with insurance at the keeper position but it keeps a very potent weapon out of the hands of the other BSL Clubs.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Young Guns Join Battle

UCLA and CONCACAF Rising Star Selected

Costa Rican striker Josue Martinez might be a rising star but don't let his age fool you. the kid is already long in the teeth with experience. "He has been a regular for the most storied club in Costa Rica. Josue has already played at the level we need him to play at in order to produce for us on the field. There shouldn't be too much of an adjustment period for him." That's exactly what Alamo City is counting on with this pick. If his game translates right out of the gate, the Battle might have stolen the draft with this pick.

That is unless Alamo's 4th round pick doesn't steal the show. Kelyn Rowe had a standout college career at UCLA and was one of two players that everyone argued over about being the best prospect coming out. Rowe has exploded in the pre-season and has shown very little issue with the adjustment. "The biggest thing that drew us to make the pick wasn't his talent. That was evident. It was his ability to immediately gel with his teammates and gain chemistry from day one. That's the hardest part. He's already showing that to be a non-issue."

Monday, February 27, 2012

Experience Drafted at Start of 3rd Round

South American Playmakers Add Versatility to ACSC Attack

After loading the front line with a handful of the best strikers that the world of football has to offer, Alamo City has bolstered their attack by signing two high profile playmakers from South America. Colombian Jaime Castrillon got his name called as the 26th overall selection in the 2012 BSL Player Draft. Bringing with him an impressive resume that includes 3 Colombian Championships while playing for two of the highest profile clubs in Colombia (Medellin/Once Caldes), Castrillon is aiming to provide the same kind of midfield excellence here in the United States.

"You can't ask for anything better in a playmaker. He's played with talent of the highest level and been an influential part of several high caliber, championship teams. This is how you build winners."

Backing up that claim is Alamo City's 27th selection in the Draft. Milovan Mirosevic carries the same kind of resume that Castrillon does.

"He's won the Chilean Title on three occasions with Universidad Catolica, which is as big of a club as their is in Chile. He's also been a playmaker for Racing Club in Argentina. Mirosevic displays the leadership and well rounded attack play that we used to have here in another Columbus player you might have heard of .."

Clearly the reference is to GBS, and if Mirosevic can be half of what he was then Alamo City will have hit another home run with their player selection.


CONCACAF Star and Roll of the Dice

Fans of the USMNT will know this face very well. Blas Perez has terrorized CONCACAF as the primary striker for the Panamanian National Team for several years. While he's victimized many different countries he's always given the USMNT more than they'd like to deal with. Now though, he brings his lethal strike to US soil and Alamo City jumped at the chance to pick him up.

"Just like with Boyd and our Designated Players, Perez brings a scoring pedigree that most can't match. At both the club and International level he's risen above and excelled wherever he's played. He's exactly the type of player we needed to build the roster that we'd ideally like to have."

That roster is quickly taking shape and there are those in the Bigtime Soccer League that are already taking notice. Notice though, is what was served with Alamo City's second round selection of Eddie Johnson. The much maligned former USMNT striker has certainly left much to be desired in recent years. His upside though, could provide the difference for Alamo City this year.

"Fortune favors the bold ... nothing ventured nothing gained ... dare to be bold ... he who risks nothing loses everything ... there's too many of them out there to list them all. The point, is that we're pushing all in this season. There isn't a player in the BSL that has the potential upside that Eddie Johnson does. Period. If it doesn't pan out, so be it. If it does though ...... we told you so."

Sunday, February 26, 2012

2012 BSL Player Draft Starts Early

Alamo City Wastes No Time In Selecting International Star

Union SC got things going early this year in the 2012 BSL Player Draft. The returning Edson Buddle was on the lists of every club in the Bigtime League but didn't last beyond the first selection. "It was a great move by Union," said Alamo City management. "We don't need to go on about it. The majority of the clubs in this league would have made him the 1st pick. We're just glad that Union did so we could pick up the player we wanted with the 2nd overall selection."

That player, is Scottish International striker Kris Boyd. His pedigree doesn't take a back seat to too many people. Boyd is the Scottish Premier League's all time leading scorer. He now brings his game to the United States in hopes of replicating his success on some of the biggest stages in soccer.

"He scores goals. Lots of them. He collects trophies both individual and team. Lots of them. That's the whole point of playing if your a player. The whole point of being an owner is to put out a winning team. Kris Boyd exemplifies that very effort."

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Two Deadline Deals Set Up 2012 Draft For Alamo City

"Oh, we're positioned nicely. Very, very nicely."

Those were the words spoken by Alamo City management earlier today as the club officially announced two deals that saw the Battle pick up the 27th and 29th overall picks in the 2012 BSL Player Draft. Kei Kamara was sent to Pennsylvania and Benny Feilhaber was sent to Burud Town.

"Benny was a guy we'd have really liked to have had around this year. We're really thinking he's going to have a breakout season. However, the deal we agreed upon with Burud Town has set us up in a tremendous position with the draft. We've been able to keep Thierry Henry and Erich Hassli. Add to that, the fact that we've got 6 of the first 29 picks and we're positioned unbelievably well to put together the kind of roster we want here."

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

DPs Claimed - Expansion Selections Complete - Battle Still Aiming to Deal

With the returning clubs selecting their Designated Players and the new clubs making their unprotected selections, the Bigtime Soccer League is just days away from the 2012 player draft. Alamo City has protected Thierry Henry and Eric Hassli as well as acquiring the 10th overall selection from Rose City that also saw the new club's 7th round pick come to the Battle in exchange for CJ Sapong and a 5th round pick.

"We'd like to make another move or two if we could," stated Alamo City management on Tuesday afternoon. "We still hold the rights to a few key players and are willing to make deals before the draft is underway if anyone is eyeing them. Honestly, you could probably pick a couple of these guys up for a lesser pick than you're eyeing them at. We're open to deal despite the apparent lack of wanting to deal with us we've seen thus far."

The chairman was undoubtedly referring to multiple messages that went unanswered by more than one club as the DP deadline loomed. "Yeah, it wasn't even that we were turned down. We didn't even get the courtesy of being told so. I mean, they didn't even say no. We got nothing back at all. Zero response ...."

That hasn't deterred the Alamo City management from putting it out once again that they're willing to deal before the draft. Players like Kei Kamara, Benny Feilhaber, Nick Rimando, and Kevin Hartman are certainly on the lists of more than one team.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Battle Get One Deal Done - Still Shopping Around


Alamo City trades CJ Sapong and a 5th round pick to Rose City for their 1st and 7th round picks in the 2012 BSL Player Draft.

"We're glad to finally get some movement before the draft," stated ACSC management in their quick presser after the official announcement of the trade with Rose City. "I think this shows we're serious about making deals. CJ is a loaded player with huge potential, yet we found a way to make a deal involving him work. It isn't anything against CJ. We're simply taking a new approach this year. The one we tried last year didn't work. The entire league is imporving and we simply have to get better ...

... and we're still looking to deal."

Alamo City management has announced that up until the final hour of the DP Deadline of February 20th that the club is looking to make deals.

"Our 2nd DP slot is still available for trade. We've also got several very valuable players on our roster that we'd be willing to trade the rights to. We've put offers and feelers out to other teams, but it's up to them to respond. We're making it known that we want to make deals ..."