Monday, February 27, 2012


CONCACAF Star and Roll of the Dice

Fans of the USMNT will know this face very well. Blas Perez has terrorized CONCACAF as the primary striker for the Panamanian National Team for several years. While he's victimized many different countries he's always given the USMNT more than they'd like to deal with. Now though, he brings his lethal strike to US soil and Alamo City jumped at the chance to pick him up.

"Just like with Boyd and our Designated Players, Perez brings a scoring pedigree that most can't match. At both the club and International level he's risen above and excelled wherever he's played. He's exactly the type of player we needed to build the roster that we'd ideally like to have."

That roster is quickly taking shape and there are those in the Bigtime Soccer League that are already taking notice. Notice though, is what was served with Alamo City's second round selection of Eddie Johnson. The much maligned former USMNT striker has certainly left much to be desired in recent years. His upside though, could provide the difference for Alamo City this year.

"Fortune favors the bold ... nothing ventured nothing gained ... dare to be bold ... he who risks nothing loses everything ... there's too many of them out there to list them all. The point, is that we're pushing all in this season. There isn't a player in the BSL that has the potential upside that Eddie Johnson does. Period. If it doesn't pan out, so be it. If it does though ...... we told you so."

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