Friday, February 17, 2017

DP Announcement and Transactions

Midfield Maestro Returns to Alamo City

Yes he's injured.  Yes it will be months before he plays this season.  No, neither of those things matter.  When thinking season-long and trying to put together a roster for the long haul, using the DP slot on Mauro Diaz makes sense.  He can occupy the IR slot on the team sheet.  Add that into consideration with the fact that it is free to slap the DP tag on him if nothing more than to retain his rights and the decision becomes even easier.  "Obviously this isn't just about retaining his rights," stated the ACSC  FO.  "We honestly feel that he'll be back this summer and will be able to contribute this season.  He's one of the best players in the league and he's an Alamo City player.  We're going to do everything we can to ensure it stays that way."

Naming Diaz as the club's 2nd DP wasn't the only move Alamo City made.  The club swapped 1st round picks with Spartans in order to nab the first overall pick in the draft.  In order to do so the club also traded their 2nd round pick to Spartans in exchange for Spartans' 4th round pick as well as selling cult hero Tommy McNamara to Spartans for 15$ in ACQ funds.  Heading into the draft Alamo City has four roster slots filled:  

Giovani Dos Santos
Jack Harrison
Mauro Manotas
Mauro Diaz

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Alamo City Releases 2017 Kits

New Kits Reveal New Sponsor for BSL's Premier Club

You'll notice a couple of changes to the Alamo City SC kits this year.  First and foremost is that Freetail Brewing Company is the club's new primary kit sponsor.  While USAA remains as the club's overall primary and presenting corporate sponsor.  USAA will still adorn the pre-match and training tops and will be featured on a yet to be announced Major's Cup kit when the club qualifies for the competition once again.  The ever present and constantly growing supporter's culture in San Antonio is perfectly encapsulated by Freetail.  The San Antonio native brewing company has seen tremendous growth and found a natural fit with the soccer scene.  The Crocketteers, the premier supporter's group in all of soccer, have partnered with the brewer as well.  Keeping things in the community is an important part of the Alamo City philosophy and this partnership only furthers that effort.

Featured on the home kit is a shoulder strip of four stars representing the major BSL Trophies the club has won.  The away kit features a new color in the presentation and is one the club will be permanently adding to things going forward.  The kits are Pirma kits as the club and manufacturer have come to a multi year agreement.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Moving and Shaking

Alamo City Announces Off-Season Moves

The phones and emails were working over time last night as the Alamo City Battle officially made three moves.  The club first sold Benny Feilhaber to Hawaii for 20$ in ACQF.  "It was a tough decision," stated the ACSC front office.  "We love Benny, the fans love Benny, and he loves it here.  We were weighing the option of using our 2nd DP slot on Benny.  There were several conversations that took place and ultimately it was mutually deemed that this was the right move for both he and the club."  The move was made in conjunction with Alamo City and Hawaii swapping early round draft picks (Alamo City gets Hawaii's 2nd round pick and sends their own 3rd round pick to Hawaii).  The funds were then turned around and used to acquire Mauro Manotas from Capital District.  Manotas will occupy Alamo City's RE-ENTRY slot.  15$ was the ACQF price tag for a player that could potentially be the break out star of the season.  "We've had our eye on him for a while and just weren't able to acquire him.  With the funds coming in from selling Benny, we were able to make a move for Mauro and get him at a net positive cost.  He's poised to be a star in this league and Houston has set up the club to feed him the opportunities to cash in on that potential."

With the moves Alamo City's 2017 roster now consists of Jack Harrison, Giovani Dos Santos, and Mauro Manotas.  The club is still deliberating on whether or not to use their 2nd DP slot.  Alamo City officials were asked if they were still open for negotiations on the rights to their remaining players, to which they responded "absolutely."  

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Alamo City Names Giovani Dos Santos as 2017 Designated Player

14 Goals
12 Assists

The numbers speak for themselves.  Giovani Dos Santos is one of the very best players in the Bigtime Soccer League and MLS.  He's also staying in the Alamo City to BATTLE ON.  The club originally had plans to leave all player rights up for negotiation but things quickly changed as the front office started diving into draft preparation.  There's simply nobody at the caliber of GDS that will be available with Alamo City's first pick and by the time the second pick rolls around his type of production will be off the board.  GDS joins Retention Player Jack Harrison on the 2017 Battle roster.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Alamo City Off Season Trade List

Club Officially Announces What it is Seeking

2nd round picks

3rd round picks

Potential deals involving players along with their respective DP slots

Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 Off Season Prep

The off-season began for Alamo City much earlier than the club would have liked.  The early time off was productive though as the club wasted none of it in announcing JACK HARRISON as the club's RETENTION PLAYER for 2017.

Just as the season didn't go as planned, the off-season has already been rather harsh for Alamo City.  The club (as do all BSL clubs) retain their 2016 roster up until the FEB 22 DP/RP deadline.  With the RP slot used on Harrison, the Battle will look to find two players to slap the DP tag on.  The club's bad luck though has already limited their options.  Below is the final 2016 roster with current the current status of the player annoted:  Already there are three players unavailable for the 2017 season and it's only January 1st.

So what will the club do?  Alamo City is OPEN TO ALL TRADE OFFERS/NEGOTIATIONS going into the new season.

Andre Blake (available)
Mauro Diaz (injured, out most/all of 2017)
Giovani Dos Santos (available)
Mike Grella (available)
Benny Feilhaber (available)
Roland Matarrita (available)
Sebastian Lletget (available)
Quincy Amarikwa (available)
Tranquillo Barnetta (NO LONGER IN BSL)
Oscar Boniek Garcia (available)
Tommy McNamara (available)
David Bingham (available)
Alex Muyl (available)
Jordan Hamilton (available)
Masato Kudo (NO LONGER IN BSL)

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

2017's First Move

Break Out Rookie Sensation First Player Signed for 2017

- San Antonio

With the future of the Alamo City Soccer Club up in the air (the current ownership is confirmed to be heading back to the club's original area in Maryland) one thing that is certain, is that the club will have the hottest young star in the league wearing whatever crest the club has going forward.  "This is about as no-brainer of a choice as you can make," stated Alamo City management.  "A kid fresh out of the draft, not even 20, that's displacing National Team players like Diskerud and is benefiting from playing alongside guys like Pirlo and Lampard?  Come On."

The club was pressed about its future during the impromptu press conference but the FO remained tight lipped.  "All possibilities" were being explored but no further comment on the situation was given.