Sunday, February 26, 2012

2012 BSL Player Draft Starts Early

Alamo City Wastes No Time In Selecting International Star

Union SC got things going early this year in the 2012 BSL Player Draft. The returning Edson Buddle was on the lists of every club in the Bigtime League but didn't last beyond the first selection. "It was a great move by Union," said Alamo City management. "We don't need to go on about it. The majority of the clubs in this league would have made him the 1st pick. We're just glad that Union did so we could pick up the player we wanted with the 2nd overall selection."

That player, is Scottish International striker Kris Boyd. His pedigree doesn't take a back seat to too many people. Boyd is the Scottish Premier League's all time leading scorer. He now brings his game to the United States in hopes of replicating his success on some of the biggest stages in soccer.

"He scores goals. Lots of them. He collects trophies both individual and team. Lots of them. That's the whole point of playing if your a player. The whole point of being an owner is to put out a winning team. Kris Boyd exemplifies that very effort."


  1. Naturally I wanted Boyd too. Almost changed my mind, but had to go with Buddle. The homer decision won me over.

  2. BTW. I like your alternate kit. I think its cool you keep the colors of Montgomery County era. You might want to save the old kits and show the evolution of the changes on your blog.

  3. Yeah, I figured I'd be taking either one of the two ... whichever you didn't grab. I just didn't see how these two weren't 1/2 taken.

    Don't blame you one bit for "staying home" with the pick. Honestly, less risk and about as 'no brainer' as it gets in terms of drafting a player.

    Good idea on the evolution of the kit. Need to check and see if I've got them all still.

  4. Good luck with Boyd. He and Buddle were the two in competition with Rosales for my expansion slot. At least I know I never stood a chance if I didn't grab him there.

    And that the Timbers made a good choice too, heh heh.