Saturday, February 25, 2012

Two Deadline Deals Set Up 2012 Draft For Alamo City

"Oh, we're positioned nicely. Very, very nicely."

Those were the words spoken by Alamo City management earlier today as the club officially announced two deals that saw the Battle pick up the 27th and 29th overall picks in the 2012 BSL Player Draft. Kei Kamara was sent to Pennsylvania and Benny Feilhaber was sent to Burud Town.

"Benny was a guy we'd have really liked to have had around this year. We're really thinking he's going to have a breakout season. However, the deal we agreed upon with Burud Town has set us up in a tremendous position with the draft. We've been able to keep Thierry Henry and Erich Hassli. Add to that, the fact that we've got 6 of the first 29 picks and we're positioned unbelievably well to put together the kind of roster we want here."

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