Thursday, February 9, 2012

Alamo City Still Searching for Draft Deal


  1. I'm the owner for the Rose City Flyers FC expansion club and might be willing to work with you on some sort of draft deal. Did you have anything specific in mind?

  2. I'm really interested in Sapong. My biggest issue right now is, not getting DPs and such as an expansion team I'm not completely sure how to value that first round pick. Obviously we're in competition, but any pointers you might have, or reactions to Sapong are welcome.

  3. I'd do Sapong for your First Round pick. I put his value at a late first to mid Second rounder. For you new guys the ability to obtain a guy off our rosters is as close as you can get. You've got the ability to choose a player that you're more comfortable with instead of having us pick our DPs and also have another 8 or 9 guys gone before you pick.

    1. I think I'm good with that deal. I almost want to ask for something else in addition since, like you said he's a mid Second-rounder. Unlike real clubs though, we don't have allocation money etc. The only thing I can think of is this:

      I'll trade you my first round pick for Sapong and a later round, say sixth or seventh?

    2. Sapong - 5th round pick

      FOR YOUR

      1st round pick - 7th round pick

      That way we're neither of us is left out in the cold on any portion of the deal (the difference between Sapong and your first is made up by the 5th round pick, and the 7th round pick from you makes up the difference between giving you the 5th and then having to select at the end of the draft to round out my roster)