Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Battle Get One Deal Done - Still Shopping Around


Alamo City trades CJ Sapong and a 5th round pick to Rose City for their 1st and 7th round picks in the 2012 BSL Player Draft.

"We're glad to finally get some movement before the draft," stated ACSC management in their quick presser after the official announcement of the trade with Rose City. "I think this shows we're serious about making deals. CJ is a loaded player with huge potential, yet we found a way to make a deal involving him work. It isn't anything against CJ. We're simply taking a new approach this year. The one we tried last year didn't work. The entire league is imporving and we simply have to get better ...

... and we're still looking to deal."

Alamo City management has announced that up until the final hour of the DP Deadline of February 20th that the club is looking to make deals.

"Our 2nd DP slot is still available for trade. We've also got several very valuable players on our roster that we'd be willing to trade the rights to. We've put offers and feelers out to other teams, but it's up to them to respond. We're making it known that we want to make deals ..."

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