Thursday, April 28, 2011

Next Step ?

Any More Ammo ?

- San Antonio

The Battle have been on a hot streak the last two games pouring in 7 points in both contests. Now the club aims to keep the momentum going as they take on Gold Coast FC, a club sitting just ahead of them in the standings. Another win here would erase the 3 match losing streak and position the Battle very well as the 2011 BSL Season starts the long stretch. While things have been 'all systems go' the last couple of matches, Alamo City management is fully aware of the pitfalls that could lay ahead with the match with Gold Coast.

"It's been ugly. Three matches in our history with Gold Coast and it's dead even. They've got a goal advantage though, and overall neither team has really been able to find the back of the net. We need to keep our scoring touch for this one."

That may prove tough to do not just because keeping a 7 clip going is hard in its own right, but because Alamo City was dealt a harsh blow with the news of David Ferreira. The MLS and club MVP is out with a broken ankle. That hasn't deterred Alamo City though. New signing Sergio 'Koke' Pardo is looking to get his first minutes this week and recent addition Benny Feilhaber will get his first start.


Alamo City has released Danny Cruz and signed Branko Boskovic.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Let There Be Light

Battle Erupts Again - Ends Undefeated Season for Gateway

- San Antonio

All good things come to an end, and this weekend Gateway's undefeated ride came crashing to a halt. Alamo City put a 7 spot on the board for the second consecutive week to best Gateway in an old school grudge match. The win puts Alamo City in position to take over a playoff spot should they continue their run of form against Gold Coast this week. The last two matches have put Alamo City just 3 points off a playoff spot and only 4 points out of the top of the table. The 2011 BSL season is now hitting its stride and if the last two weeks are anything to go by, so is Alamo City.

"To score 7 ? It's a great thing obviously. Two weeks in a row is something you just smile and nod at. We're finding our form. Take a look at the names on our roster. It shouldn't be a surprise that we are able to light up the score board. Sure, scoring 7 every week is probably not going to be a week in and week out result but with what we've seen the last two matches, a 4-5 point outing can be expected ... its realistic we think."

Looking over those names on the Battle roster leads one to believe that 5 points is a very reasonable expectation each week. Just take the last two matches. Led by Thierry Henry, Alamo has found 5 and 4 points in each match from other players. Last week it was Alhassan, Ferreira, and Rimando that were on the score sheet and this week it was Angel, Lekic, and Kamara. This week Feilhaber even had an assist that was left on the bench. Even though they didn't get their name in the box score the last two weeks both Folan and Hassli have already shown what they're capable of and the club has yet to see the debut of Sergio 'Koke' Pardo. Things are on the up for Alamo City, but still the opposition wants to take jabs at the club.

"It's a bit funny honestly. I mean from what we saw Henry did all of his talking with his feet and his head ... unless we're counting him clapping after saying 'good game' when it was over. And yes, Kamara has two left feet at times but what does that say about your club if he's stumbling and bumbling all over himself yet nets 2 against you ? It's good natured ribbing and that's ok ... just stoking the fire a bit. We enjoy playing Gateway because they are a club that plays the game how you should. Even when we had the game in a headlock they came out swinging and made the match respectable rather than a blowout. There is a hell of a lot of pride over there at Gateway, and we respect that."

Moving forward now, Alamo City will try to keep the ball rolling and take their newfound title of "best offense in the BSL" and take another 3 points, this time from Gold Coast.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Match 6: Gateway United

Old Enemies Renew Rivalry

- San Antonio

"The Playoff Win."

Those three words ring loud for Gateway United. It was a much different Alamo City Battle squad that dealt that hurtful blow to the Gateway United club that still resonates today. So different in fact, that it was the Montgomery County Monarchs that did the damage. While names have changed, the faces of the franchise have remained the same. Make no mistake. Gateway United is out for blood. The Saints haven't forgiven and nor have they forgotten that loss, and so far in 2011 it is the entirety of the Bigtime Soccer League that has suffered.

"They're blazing a trail right through the league. They're not only scoring at a high rate but they're beating people by just over 2 goals per match. They're 2/3 of the way to the longest winning streak the league has ever seen. Gateway is the poster child for being in form. It's all clicking for them right now. As our *luck* would have it, they're coming knocking on our door just as it looks like we might have figured things out."

Alamo City might not be able to match Gateway's form to open the season but nobody has put up the one match performance that the Battle did last week. This will be a true test for ACSC to see just how much work they've done, and that they've yet to do.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Finally the Cannons Roar

Battle Show Prowess in Route

- San Antonio

It took until the 5th match on the schedule, but the Alamo City lineup finally put up the numbers that everyone knew they were capable of. Returning Team and MLS MVP David Ferreira led the charge with a goal and an assist. The man with the most to prove, Thierry Henry, also netted a goal and added an assist to officially mark his arrival to the 2011 season in both the BSL and the MLS. The league's best GK tacked on a clean sheet, and a move that the Alamo City management feels is one of the best it has made in its time in the BSL paid off in a big way as Kalif Alhassan garnered 2 points overall from his 3 assists (two matches played).

"Yeah, you add it all together and you get a very nice score. We mentioned a little earlier this year about the history and tradition of our club. We mentioned the BSL record books. Add one more bullet on that list. I also mentioned how it just always seems a little funny how things go around and around with us. We've got Gateway up next ... the very team we just tied for biggest margin of victory."

That's how things go for the Alamo City Battle Soccer Club. Management isn't ready to breathe a sigh of relief just yet, however they are much more positive in their near term vision. Keeping in mind that Angel hasn't gotten on track yet, Hassli has been on an early season tear, and Kamara is an integral part of the SKC attack .... and one can quickly get visions of grandeur. Alamo City management isn't falling prey to those thoughts but do admit that the 'potential' is down right scary.

Even more scary ? The Battle added USMNT member Benny Feilhaber to the roster this week.


Roster Movement:

Alamo City has released Nizar Khalfan and Javier Martina.

Alamo City has signed Sergio 'Koke' Pardo and Benny Feilhaber.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Disappointment and Disgust

BSL Classic Leg 1 = That Sinking Feeling

- San Antonio

Alamo City seems lost. The players, management, and fans have all been left to scratch their heads after the first leg of the BSL Classic played out this past weekend. In a matter of a few seconds the last 15 months of the club's existence was summed up by Eric Hassli. After nailing a PK to strike first blood, Hassli was given a second yellow and thusly a red card. His tally was erased from the score line and it proved to be the deciding factor in the match. Team Captain David Ferreira did his part in a breakout performance that saw him net his first two goals of the season but it wasn't enough. The rest of the squad fell flat and Alamo City fell to Capital District once again.

"Honestly, it's getting pretty ridiculous. I mean, not only did Hassli's red erase a goal from our score sheet, it provided Camilo Sanvezzo the opportunity to play the full 90 minutes and Sanvezzo made the most of it. This is the kind of thing we've been dealing with for far too long now. We simply don't understand and we don't have an answer."

If Alamo City plans on making any waves in the BSL or the Major's Cup, they'd better figure something out, and quick.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The BSL Classic - Leg 1

"This is where legends are born."
"History is written in matches like this."
"Hate, spite, and respect."

Those are just some of the quotes floating around the Alamo City Battle locker room as the club prepares for the first leg of the BSL Classic against heated rivals, the CD Gunners. The history between the two clubs is well known. It is written all over the record books of both clubs, and the league. If you were to just glance at the stat line of the overall historical record you'd see a pretty even match up. Don't tell Alamo City it's even though.

"Heavens no this thing isn't even, they're up on us. Results are hard to come by in this rivalry. Add them up and you'll see they're up 9-6 on points. They've also outscored us by two goals overall, and they lifted the cup each year as well. However, we do own the biggest win in the rivalry, and that's what makes this a classic."

Alamo City management is referring to the inaugural BSL Cup Title Match that saw (then) Montgomery County shut out Capital District to win the first ever BSL Cup Title. Tossing that bit of information into the equation and all of a sudden it looks like maybe Alamo City really does have the upper hand in this derby. You won't find any of the players, technical staff, or management thinking that way though. "Yes, our one win in this derby is by far the biggest win not only in the rivalry, but in our club's history. It doesn't change the fact though that it is our one win, in all of this. Our goal is to do more than just erase that figure. By the end of this season we look to have taken complete control of this derby."

For the first leg of the BSL Classic, Alamo City has filed the following lineup with the league:



SUBS: McLoughlin - Lekic - Galindo

RES: Rimando - Kamara

Monday, April 4, 2011

Shades of 2010 ?

Some Positives But An All Too Familiar Feel

- San Antonio

The 3rd Match Day of 2011 brought an old feeling back to Alamo City management. "Yeah, it's kind of that ugly feeling in the pit of your stomach but you just can't put your finger on what is causing it." That's how the 2010 BSL Season started for Montgomery County. This year, as Alamo City, that feeling hasn't exactly set in but it is creeping into the picture. "As we were at the start of least season, we're just kind of scratching our heads. It's almost as if the stars have decided to constantly line up against us. Surely things can't continually turn out this way."

What Alamo City management is referring too, is the dumb luck (of the bad variety) that the club seems to have with timing. So far this season O'Brian White had looked lost up top for Seattle. It just so happens he finally hits the back of the net when Alamo City comes too town. Teal Bunbury had some fitness issues (injury) to start the season but gets his first full match under his belt (and first two goals) when Alamo City comes to town. Couple that with a continued rough start for reigning MVP David Ferreira and the fact that he, Juan Pablo Angel, and Thierry Henry all couldn't find a way to score a point ... and you start to see what they brass of ACSC is getting at. But things aren't all doom and gloom in the Alamo City camp. "We had to very big positives for us in this match. We put up points without any of our four biggest players netting a point. Henry, Ferreira, and Angel were shut out and Hassli was serving his suspension. We still got on the board with a three spot. That's big. Kamara is on fire to start the season, and Folan showed exactly why we took the risk on him in the draft. Give that man time up front and he's going to be a hell of a force here." And that could be the key to Alamo City's season. The management referred to the 'big 4' in terms of players. Well, if Kamara and Folan are doing this kind of scoring at the bottom of the line up ? Yeah, we can see why management isn't ready to punch the panic button just yet. There were however, a couple of moves this week:

Alamo City released Videira (CHI) - Kasey Keller (SEA) and singed Nizar Khalfan (VAN) - Tally Hall (HOU)

Up Next for Alamo City - The BSL Classic First Leg

There isn't much time to dwell on the tough defeat to Stoners FC. The Battle now have to travel to their original rivals, CD Gunners, and contest the first leg of the BSL Classic this week. The roster looks as though it should be 'full' for the first time this week as all of the Battle's players should be available for selection. Alamo City is going to need every man ready to go in order to keep from falling into the same hole that the club did at the start of last season. While there are no easy matches in the BSL, this one has that something extra to it. The two original champions of the BSL both look to regain their proper footing in the league. For Alamo City it could be 'more of the same' in this match up. CD's line up is poised for the same kind of breakout that Stoners FC had against the Battle this week. Darlington Nagbe is looking to finally get on the pitch for Portland, Freddy Montero is due for a huge game at any time now, Saborio and Morales are back in action, and Camilo announced his arrival to the league this week. Hopefully the Battle have enough firepower to take the first leg.