Monday, April 18, 2011

Finally the Cannons Roar

Battle Show Prowess in Route

- San Antonio

It took until the 5th match on the schedule, but the Alamo City lineup finally put up the numbers that everyone knew they were capable of. Returning Team and MLS MVP David Ferreira led the charge with a goal and an assist. The man with the most to prove, Thierry Henry, also netted a goal and added an assist to officially mark his arrival to the 2011 season in both the BSL and the MLS. The league's best GK tacked on a clean sheet, and a move that the Alamo City management feels is one of the best it has made in its time in the BSL paid off in a big way as Kalif Alhassan garnered 2 points overall from his 3 assists (two matches played).

"Yeah, you add it all together and you get a very nice score. We mentioned a little earlier this year about the history and tradition of our club. We mentioned the BSL record books. Add one more bullet on that list. I also mentioned how it just always seems a little funny how things go around and around with us. We've got Gateway up next ... the very team we just tied for biggest margin of victory."

That's how things go for the Alamo City Battle Soccer Club. Management isn't ready to breathe a sigh of relief just yet, however they are much more positive in their near term vision. Keeping in mind that Angel hasn't gotten on track yet, Hassli has been on an early season tear, and Kamara is an integral part of the SKC attack .... and one can quickly get visions of grandeur. Alamo City management isn't falling prey to those thoughts but do admit that the 'potential' is down right scary.

Even more scary ? The Battle added USMNT member Benny Feilhaber to the roster this week.


Roster Movement:

Alamo City has released Nizar Khalfan and Javier Martina.

Alamo City has signed Sergio 'Koke' Pardo and Benny Feilhaber.