Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Match 6: Gateway United

Old Enemies Renew Rivalry

- San Antonio

"The Playoff Win."

Those three words ring loud for Gateway United. It was a much different Alamo City Battle squad that dealt that hurtful blow to the Gateway United club that still resonates today. So different in fact, that it was the Montgomery County Monarchs that did the damage. While names have changed, the faces of the franchise have remained the same. Make no mistake. Gateway United is out for blood. The Saints haven't forgiven and nor have they forgotten that loss, and so far in 2011 it is the entirety of the Bigtime Soccer League that has suffered.

"They're blazing a trail right through the league. They're not only scoring at a high rate but they're beating people by just over 2 goals per match. They're 2/3 of the way to the longest winning streak the league has ever seen. Gateway is the poster child for being in form. It's all clicking for them right now. As our *luck* would have it, they're coming knocking on our door just as it looks like we might have figured things out."

Alamo City might not be able to match Gateway's form to open the season but nobody has put up the one match performance that the Battle did last week. This will be a true test for ACSC to see just how much work they've done, and that they've yet to do.


  1. Game on..... its old firm time!!!!

  2. Too bad Lindpere was on the end of that long ball :p