Sunday, April 24, 2011

Let There Be Light

Battle Erupts Again - Ends Undefeated Season for Gateway

- San Antonio

All good things come to an end, and this weekend Gateway's undefeated ride came crashing to a halt. Alamo City put a 7 spot on the board for the second consecutive week to best Gateway in an old school grudge match. The win puts Alamo City in position to take over a playoff spot should they continue their run of form against Gold Coast this week. The last two matches have put Alamo City just 3 points off a playoff spot and only 4 points out of the top of the table. The 2011 BSL season is now hitting its stride and if the last two weeks are anything to go by, so is Alamo City.

"To score 7 ? It's a great thing obviously. Two weeks in a row is something you just smile and nod at. We're finding our form. Take a look at the names on our roster. It shouldn't be a surprise that we are able to light up the score board. Sure, scoring 7 every week is probably not going to be a week in and week out result but with what we've seen the last two matches, a 4-5 point outing can be expected ... its realistic we think."

Looking over those names on the Battle roster leads one to believe that 5 points is a very reasonable expectation each week. Just take the last two matches. Led by Thierry Henry, Alamo has found 5 and 4 points in each match from other players. Last week it was Alhassan, Ferreira, and Rimando that were on the score sheet and this week it was Angel, Lekic, and Kamara. This week Feilhaber even had an assist that was left on the bench. Even though they didn't get their name in the box score the last two weeks both Folan and Hassli have already shown what they're capable of and the club has yet to see the debut of Sergio 'Koke' Pardo. Things are on the up for Alamo City, but still the opposition wants to take jabs at the club.

"It's a bit funny honestly. I mean from what we saw Henry did all of his talking with his feet and his head ... unless we're counting him clapping after saying 'good game' when it was over. And yes, Kamara has two left feet at times but what does that say about your club if he's stumbling and bumbling all over himself yet nets 2 against you ? It's good natured ribbing and that's ok ... just stoking the fire a bit. We enjoy playing Gateway because they are a club that plays the game how you should. Even when we had the game in a headlock they came out swinging and made the match respectable rather than a blowout. There is a hell of a lot of pride over there at Gateway, and we respect that."

Moving forward now, Alamo City will try to keep the ball rolling and take their newfound title of "best offense in the BSL" and take another 3 points, this time from Gold Coast.


  1. Big match next week for both of us.

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  3. Celebrate for now :)