Monday, April 11, 2011

Disappointment and Disgust

BSL Classic Leg 1 = That Sinking Feeling

- San Antonio

Alamo City seems lost. The players, management, and fans have all been left to scratch their heads after the first leg of the BSL Classic played out this past weekend. In a matter of a few seconds the last 15 months of the club's existence was summed up by Eric Hassli. After nailing a PK to strike first blood, Hassli was given a second yellow and thusly a red card. His tally was erased from the score line and it proved to be the deciding factor in the match. Team Captain David Ferreira did his part in a breakout performance that saw him net his first two goals of the season but it wasn't enough. The rest of the squad fell flat and Alamo City fell to Capital District once again.

"Honestly, it's getting pretty ridiculous. I mean, not only did Hassli's red erase a goal from our score sheet, it provided Camilo Sanvezzo the opportunity to play the full 90 minutes and Sanvezzo made the most of it. This is the kind of thing we've been dealing with for far too long now. We simply don't understand and we don't have an answer."

If Alamo City plans on making any waves in the BSL or the Major's Cup, they'd better figure something out, and quick.

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  1. Andres Mendoza and Geoff Cameron for Hassli and Lekic?