Friday, February 20, 2015

2015 Superdraft Kicks Off

- San Antonio

The wheeling, dealing, and posturing is all said and done.  Now it's down to the front offices of the Bigtime Soccer League clubs.  The 2015 Superdraft kicked off this morning and the first two picks went as everyone figured.  Sitting at the number eight slot, the Alamo City brass had to wait and see if they would be able to enact their plan.  With the unwillingness of teams to answer the phone during the off-season the options were limited for the club.  Undeterred, the front office put together a carefully formulated list of players they felt would track with their draft position in each round.  As the Battle came up with the eight overall pick in the 1st round the plan got off on the right foot.  "We've been an admirer of Krizstian from afar for quite a while.  For whatever reason his skill and ability just hasn't been utilized up to this point.  He's an unbelievably talented player and fits right into the system that he'll be playing here.  We're really excited that we got him."

Heading into the second round the Battle already had to mark a couple of their hopeful selections off their list as, in their opinion, a couple of clubs might have reached in the first round.  No stranger to taking gambles though, the Battle adjusted and thought they'd pinpointed a steal.  Then though, the 16th pick was handed in and Fernando Aristeguieta came off the board.  It hurt, but the Battle saw another opportunity as they reshuffled their list.  With pick number twenty in the draft, Alamo City might have snuck one in on the league.  Sebastian Jaime is an absolute wild card with a huge potential upside.  "We were in the bidding for him when he came into the league last year.  He was unfortunate to get hurt and never have a chance to really gel.  That's not an issue this year and he's going to be given the chance to be a center piece on a club that always plays very good soccer.  He very well could be the break out star of both the BSL and the MLS this season."

The Superdraft will resume in the morning.

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