Saturday, February 21, 2015

Early Rounds Yield Gold

- San Antonio

"You've got to be kidding me ..."

That was the response from Alamo City as their clock began on their 4th round pick in the BSL Superdraft.  Looking over the names of those remaining, one stood out above the rest.  World class talent Frank Lampard was still on the board.

"Send the freaking card up ..."

It took all of two seconds for Alamo City to jump on what very well could end up being one of the biggest draft picks in the history of the league.  Forget the controversy over his signing with the MLS and BSL.  Forget that he won't be here until this summer.  "This is Frank freaking Lampard ... in the fourth round."  The selection punctuated a fantastic run in the early rounds for the Battle.  Kicking off the draft was Krisztian Nemeth, a player they wanted with their first pick.  A few unexpected picks early in round two left the Battle scrambling a little as they had to quickly realign their targets.  However, it just might have ended up for the best as Sebastian Jaime was taken.  The RSL designated player never really got the chance to get going last season but the expectation and potential are still there.  That's exactly what led to the Battle's third selection in the draft being Andrew Wenger.  He's finally found the right fit.  That also seems to be the case with Dilly Duka which is why he was made Alamo City's fifth selection.

All in all it was one hell of a first day for the Battle.  Now though, the league is won.  The second half of the draft will make or break the season.


  1. I like the Wenger pick. good choice,

  2. Thanks .... I was really really really was hoping to snag him as I expect him to be a break out player this season. I was about to nab Lampard there but double checked and saw that Wenger hadn't been taken. Lampard still fell to the 4th. I got lucky !

  3. Replies
    1. Appreciate it. First time in a while I wasn't able to work anything out pre-draft so I had to dig in with a different strategy. *fingers crossed*