Sunday, February 1, 2015

Battle Looking for 3rd DP Slot or 2nd Round Pick

- San Antonio

Over the weekend the Alamo City Soccer Club held it's first pre-season press conference to address general items and give basic updates to the local media, supporter's groups, and sponsors.  While there was some talk about certain issues the only specific talking items that came from the presser were that the Battle are still looking to make a deal.

Alamo City is looking for either a DP slot or a 2nd round pick.

"Looking over our roster and looking at our positioning in the draft, we feel we might need to try and make a move in order to set up our roster as close to perfect as we can before people really start coming off the board.  To best do this, we feel that obtaining a 3rd DP slot or an additional 2nd round draft pick will give us the best opportunity to have our roster where we want it heading into the crucial stage of the player selections."  When asked if buying the 3rd DP slot was an option, Alamo City management re-iterated that they are in too strong of a position with their allocation money to give up that advantage heading into the season.  Management also stated that they'd already attempted to contact a couple of teams with these specific points of discussion.

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