Thursday, March 14, 2013

Battle Sign Nigerian Superstar

Alamo City Completes Largest Ever Transfer in BSL History

"The Super Eagle has landed and he's landed in San Antonio."  That's right, Obafemi Martins has inked a contract with the Alamo City Soccer Club.  While he's a couple of weeks away from taking the field due to securing his Visa, the impact of this news is already carrying across the BSL, MLS, and rest of the American soccer landscape.

"Are you kidding me ?  The moment we heard he was interested we were intent on signing him.  He's as dynamic a player as you'll find.  He's playing for a quality Spanish club in Levante, leading them in scoring I might add, tearing up the Europa League, and is an International Star for Nigeria ?  Oh by the way he's in his prime ?  Yeah, there's no way he was ending up anywhere else but here."  That was the sentiment coming from Alamo City headquarters today as the club made the official announcement.  The Battle have been extremely lucky with player acquisitions over the years and have always been able to land top caliber players.  Martins continues this trend.

"We're all excited," added club talisman Thierry Henry. "A player of his talent at the prime of his career is what you always want on your team.  I look forward to partnering with him and I know the rest of the guys do as well."  The firepower is mounting up for the Battle but the signing of Martins didn't come without a cost.  "Unfortunately signing Obafemi meant letting go of a player we drafted with high expectation.  Patrice Bernier is probably the most underrated and undervalued player in North America right now.  We loved the fact he fell to us in the draft ... although we'd be lying if we didn't admit our picking him was two fold.  He represented a tremendous value on production when he fell to us, but he also provided this very capability for the club.  We evaluated Patrice, his performance and where the goals came from, and his future role in Montreal.  With their acquisitions and his being moved to a more holding center mid role, and his 6 PK goals last year, we were able to pull the trigger on this by letting him go.  It's an unfortunate situation but sometimes it happens.  We hope he does well with whichever BSL team he ends up with."

The Battle are also closely watching the waiver wire to see who becomes available due to the bidding war for Bernier.  


  1. I wanted him obviously. I just couldn't afford him.

  2. Me either :(