Friday, March 15, 2013

Founder's Cup Kicks Off in Week 3

Battle Entertain Union SC in First Home Match of Season.

A familiar foe comes to San Antonio this weekend as the Union SC Blues try to knock down the door of Stone Oak Park.  Fresh off the heals of announcing that the club has signed Nigerian star Obafemi Martins, word is coming out that it is possible the Screaming Eagle gets some minutes this  Saturday.  While he is highly unlikely to start, it is possible he does get into the match.  "And that, is a chance we can't pass up and that's why Martins is in the squad this week."

The club has been very good about catching lightning in a bottle in its history and isn't going to leave anything to chance on this one.  "If it happens, we'll reap the benefit of it.  If not, it was well worth the risk."  Some might be looking ahead to next week already given the track record between the two clubs, but it isn't anyone in Alamo City's camp.  They know the feeling as they find themselves in Union's shoes with another team in the league, their arch rival.  "This must be how the Gunners feel about us.  They own us, but that one win ... was huge.  Anyone that knows the history of this league knows what the win Union SC holds over us means.  We're only looking forward to finding the back of the net on Saturday."


  1. I feel like this the going to be the week Union SC will reign victorious. The Blues supporters are already chanting.

  2. Heh, the Garrison is tailgating all night in preperation for this match. They can't wait !

    - Ramirez will replace Collin in the starting lineup -