Monday, March 11, 2013


Japanese Star's Golazo Sparks Battle to Week 2 Victory

It was a pretty good all around performance for the Alamo City Soccer Club in Week 2 of BSL action.  The club managed to get scoring from four players (Kobayashi, Bernier, Pajoy, Michel) as Kobayashi has started to make a claim for being a team leader on the pitch.  Obviously the talisman is Thierry Henry but the superstar hasn't been able to get on the scorecard in the first two matches for the Battle.

That's something that Kobayashi has done and right now he's the leader in the locker room.  "It's great," said Henry.  "A big part of our success last year was the fact that everyone contributed and everyone could be counted on.  I had a few spots of being unable to contribute and the entire roster picked up the pace.  Out of the gate this season Daigo has done a fantastic job of leading this team with his play.  The front office did a fantastic job of making him their target in the draft.  He's paying the club back already with two victories to start the season."

It has indeed been a great start for Kobayashi and Alamo City.  The club hopes to continue the hot streak to start the season and hope that the current run of form continues for a few select other teams.

In player transaction news, the club has released Johnny Leveron and signed Andrew Jean-Baptiste.

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