Sunday, March 6, 2011

MLS DP Signs - Possible Hidden Gem Added

Champion's League Veteran and Superstar Hopeful Join the Battle

- San Antinio

"We demand a certain level of play here, and our draft picks reflect that. Simply because we've come to the late stages of the draft doesn't mean we're going to draft accordingly. Rather, we will stick to our strategy and stick with selecting players that can and are expected to play at high levels. The contributions of the players we're picking now are expected to be first rate. I don't care what round you were selected in. When you're drafted by the Alamo City management, you're drafted to be the best ... period."

That was the preface to the announcement of the selections of the 9th and 10th round players for Alamo City. The 9th round selection could literally be a bombshell. Eric Hassli (FC Zurich) was announced as the Vancouver Whitecaps' designated player just hours before Alamo City was to make their 9th round pick. "We couldn't possibly let an opportunity like this pass us by. Certainly there is no promise of results, but there aren't many men that boast the resume that Hassli does, let alone at the level that he does." Alamo City management see the potential for big things for Hassli. Playing at FC Zurich, Hassli has been top notch in both the Swiss League and both the Champion's and UEFA Leagues. He's also a big man. 6'4 poses quite the threat at the ST position. There is no reason to believe that Hassli won't continue his great striking rate in both the MLS and BSL.

The 10th round selection for Alamo City is a man that MLS fans know well. He's a man that has produced very well for LA, Columbus, and Houston. He's just never been given the chance to play day in and day out. "It looks like Joseph Ngwenya will finally get that chance now that he's with DC United. He's been great everywhere he's been in the MLS and has finally landed in a situation that should see him finally get the playing time that his numbers suggest he should be getting. The forward situation is wide open at DCU and Ngwenya possesses the skill to take it over." Sure, DCU has question marks but of the available FW options for United, Ngwenya is the only one that simply needs time on the pitch in order to perform. The rest, have other issues to deal with and to overcome. "Honestly, Joseph just needs to be put on the field. He'll take care of the rest."

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