Friday, March 4, 2011

Alamo City Re-ups Another - Adds Young Striker

- San Antonio

Another Player Called Back to Action - Young Striker Looking to Make Mark

There's a few men back in action as the club makes the transition from Montgomery County to Alamo City. Next in line for that honor is Baggio Husidic. The young playmaker was one of, if not the most, consistant players for Chicago last year and the the (now) Alamo City management was glad to suit him up once again. "Baggio is a flashy guy that doesn't come off as flashy. He's a playmaker but he does more grinding out than a number 10 does. We love his play style and love what he contributes on the field. To say we're glad to have him back simply isn't doing Baggio the proper justice. We're ecstatic."

Following in the trend of young picks that Alamo City has been making in the recent rounds, Chad Barrett will join the club. Now, many are probably scratching their heads as to why Alamo City would snag Barrett when they've already got the #1 ST for LA on the roster. "Well, like we said before, everything is part of a bigger strategy. Barrett is one of the most promising young strikers in the league. In LA he's set up for success. Even if he stictly plays behind JPA he'll be a solid #2. He could very well end up being the 2nd striker on the pitch with JPA. One way or another he's going to get quality time and more than likely be an impact player for both the Galaxy and for us."

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