Sunday, March 6, 2011

Freedom Cup

Alamo City Announces Friendly Competition With Russian Giants

- San Antonio

Freedom. For several generations it was the same struggle, but the two world powers had different faces in it. Russia and the United States were at the forefront of different views on the same ideals. In the late 1980's the two world powers came together and ended the Cold War. Since that day Russia and the United States have been united on the global front. From the brink of a 3rd World War to forging together into the future as Allied Powers. Now, the two countries come together on the world stage once again. This time it is a celebration of the mutual ideal that has helped the two countries come together. Freedom.

Russian powerhouses CSKA Moscova and Zenit St Petersburg will join Alamo City for the Inaugural Freedom Cup. Scheduled during the BSL bye weeks in its schedule, Alamo City will play both Zenit and CSKA. The Cup will be determined using a Round Robin format. Only the August 6th meeting between Zenit and CSKA will be counted towards the Cup.

"In order to be the best soccer club in the world you've got to play ... and beat the best soccer clubs in the world. We've come together with the two best that Russia has to offer. CSKA has only seen one year in the last 8 outside of the top two in the Russian Premier League. In that time they've won the title three times. They virtually own the Russian Cup and they have a UEFA Cup title to their credit in 2005. Then you've got Zenit. They're fresh off the Russian Premier League double (league/cup) and they bagged the UEFA Cup and Supercup in 2008. We're talking about two of the hottest clubs in the world and we've partnered with them to help create a new competition to help continue the joint effort that our home countries have been building on for the last two decades."

5/25 - Alamo City VS CSKA Moskova
7/20 - Zenit VS Alamo City
8/6 - Zenit VS CSKA Moskova


  1. I like this. The round robin is cool.

  2. Thanks guys. Tried to come up with something a little different for my open dates. Glad you guys like it.

  3. Zenit will always have a special place in my heart after my semester abroad in St. Petersburg...