Monday, March 7, 2011

Keller and Alamo City Come Full Circle

GK Taken in 11th Round to Complete Draft

- San Antonio

"Inexplicable. 110 selections in and Kasey Keller is still sitting there waiting to be taken. We couldn't believe it." As the Alamo City management crunched the stats and combed over countless scenarios for a number of players, it was the least involved decision that proved to be the final selection for the Alamo City Battle Soccer Club in the 2011 BSL Draft. The man that had secured the club's and BSL's (as Montgomery County) Inaugural Cup Title and helped lead the 2nd half surge that almost landed a playoff spot last year was staring them straight in the face. "We actually had to double check with the Commish to make sure we weren't mistaken."

They were not and a very, very valuable addition was made to the club with the final selection it held in the 2011 BSL Draft. In a season in which International Play will affect the schedule on a bigger scale, having two GKs may prove to be the deciding factor in more than one match this season. Alamo City has not only managed to nab two quality keepers, but they've managed to nab two top flight, first rate keepers. "When last season ended we sat down with Kasey and both sides were comfortable and agreed on the situation going forward. The decisions we made had absolutely nothing to do with whether or not we wanted Kasey back. It also had nothing to do with whether or not he wanted to be back. It just didn't look like we were going to be able to make it happen. But, much to our surprise things worked out after. We're overjoyed to have Kasey back and it is only fitting that he helps us make the transition to Texas.


  1. As much as I enjoy having you pick before me, because it means I finished better, you've got to stop taking my picks.

  2. Eh, guess we're a little even then. I was hoping to land either Pappa or Morales.

    I'm liking how our derby is shaping up.

    Here's to owning the league again ;)

  3. I was going to take Keller. I guess I waiting 1 round to late. Hope I don't pay for this error.

  4. Yeah, I honestly thought I made an error on my "checklist" ... when I sent the pick in I actually sent in another player too just in case I was mistaken.

    I really thought there was no way he was still on the board.