Sunday, March 27, 2011

History Repeats Itself

Alamo City Falls to Burud Town

- San Antonio

"We just can't figure them out," was the quote from Alamo City management after yet another defeat at the hands of Burud Town. "To say they've got our number doesn't come close. Not only are we unable to beat them, they pour it on us every time. It's to the point of being ridiculous. We've got some kind of mental block when it comes to these guys and it just seems that everything negative comes to a head and rears itself when we play these guys. Something has got to give ... you'd think."

The Alamo City Battle players couldn't do anything more than shrug their shoulders and shake their heads after the match. While Juan Pablo Angel opened his 2011 scoring account, that was the lone bright spot for the Battle. Everything else was just bad. It started the day before the match when Henry reported he wouldn't be ready and it carried over to game time when Hassli racked up two yellows and was sent off. That brought in Burud's first sub, and Araujo took advantage by putting up two points to seal the match.

The fourth consecutive loss to Burud sent Alamo City management looking for some answers. A somewhat surprising move saw Baggio Husidic released and Javier Martina (TOR) signed on in his place. After the match another roster move was announced. Daniel Paladini was dropped in favor of fellow CHI teammate Michael Videira. Alamo City is hoping to flesh out its roster much earlier this season so as to avoid the hole it dug itself at the start of 2010.


  1. Hassli and Martina for Paulo Jr. and Milton Rodriguez?

  2. A little too early right now ... not sure about Paulo's playing time throughout the season behind Saborio and Espindola