Wednesday, March 30, 2011

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Another Roster Move - Players Return to Boost ACSC Attack

- San Antonio

"We've got some fleshing out to do, that's for sure. The top of our lineup is solid like it always has been. We need depth though." Alamo City management directly addressed the issue at hand as their recent slew of roster moves included yet another swapping of players. This time it was Ilija Stolica that found himself on the chopping block, making way for Rajko Lekic. Lekic replaces Stolica on both the New England and Alamo City rosters. "He hasn't seen the field despite his great showing at the end of last year. It doesn't make sense but we don't have the time to sit back and wait for New England to figure it out. The move they made to acquire Lekic shows that it's more than just writing on the wall for Stolica. We felt the best thing to do would be to make the lateral move along with them."

It's already been a roller coaster for the bottom of the Alamo City roster and at least for the moment, things appear to be continuing the ride. Alamo City will have to hope that the top of the lineup can produce as there will only be one available sub this week. Lekic is at least a week away from being available, Hassli is sitting out, and both Rimando and Alvarez are on CCL duty this week. The lineup for the third BSL match will be as follows:


  1. Milton Rodriguez and Jorge Perlaza for Martina and Lekic?

  2. Haha I think the offer made sense for a guy not even signed with the team yet and a league newbie...

    How about Sapong and Rodriguez for Camilo and McLoughlin?

  3. sorry meant Hassli and Lekic