Thursday, March 24, 2011

History is the Key Word for Alamo City

Nemisis of Montgomery County Aims to Continue Trend Against Alamo City

- San Antonio

The theme for Alamo City this season is history. The history of the ownership, team name, accomplishments, records, etc etc. Now, in only the second full week of the 2011 BSL season, Alamo City already finds itself facing a problem that has historically given the ownership fits. That problem is the Week 2 opponent, Burud Town.

To be quite frank, that history is ugly. Burud Town, to put it bluntly, owned, Montgomery County. The all time record ? 0-0-3. Burud Town leads the scoring tally at a 2:1 rate with a 14-7 total. The biggest sting though ? The final match of the 2010 season saw Burud Town erase a 5-3 deficit to win 7-5. That win ended Montgomery's 2nd half streak and also kept Montgomery County from the BSL Playoffs. "Of all the teams in the league, these are the guys we need to send a message too. Union, Gateway, CD ... sure we've got our rivalries with them but it's Burud Town that we have to beat."

Certainly Week 2 of the season isn't "do or die" or "must win" but sometimes there are special cases that make early season games a little bit more important than they either would, or should be. This is one of them. Alamo City had their feel good moment last weekend during the 2011 BSL First Kick. The Battle put in 4pts with scoring left over on the bench and debuted the newly re-christened club by being the only BSL team to shut out its opponent on Opening Day. All of that is set to the side now as Alamo City must calm down and get focused on the long season ahead. History is the key word for this franchise and right now it is staring ACSC square in the face. The Battle travels to Burud Town with one goal in mind. Reverse the one piece of overbearing history that the club has as a black mark on its resume. "Everything else about us shows the Championship level club that we are. How we play is a big part of who we are. Look at the record books of the BSL. We're the hardest club to beat yet it's been rather easy for Burud. That simply has to change if we're going to accomplish what we've set out to do this season."


  1. love the graphic and the write up!!!

  2. I am most curious who wins between the two of you this week.

  3. Thanks Alliance, much appreciated.

    Gateway - yeah, this one is going to be an early test for me. Hopefully I freaking pass this time around.