Monday, March 21, 2011

Alamo City SC Takes First Kick 2011

Re-branded, Renewed, Right Where They Left Off

- San Antonio

On the road and facing expectations that most clubs simply can't handle, the Alamo City Battle showed why they are a club that the BSL owners just don't want to have to contend with. Essentially throwing 3 points away isn't how you win games or championships. That didn't even slow down Alamo City. Behind the MLS and BSL's leading shot stopper, the Battle took their 2011 First Kick match against Hillcrest United 4-0. The questionable draft by the league newcomer didn't show anything during the first match. While it may ultimately pan out by the end of the season, Alamo City was able to take advantage to overcome their own mistakes.

"It isn't often you can toss out 3 points and get away with it. Keller made a great save on a Thierry Henry PK and we didn't even start Eric Hassli due to fitness concerns. Whoops. Sure, we can laugh a little this time but this is the kind of decision making and types of errors a Championship Club can't afford to make too many times. We got away with it this time but this isn't a habit we need to get into."

Alamo City management will probably like it though if Kei Kamara gets in the habit of contributing 2 points each match. As many of the owners pointed out, the selection of Kamara was an excellent move by the Alamo City brass. His performance during First Kick showed that the popular opinion on him might be the right one. The Battle will miss him though as he leads Sierre Leone in Africa Cup of Nations competition in the upcoming game week. Arturo Alvarez will also be out of the squad as he joins El Salvador for international duty. That isn't the big player movement to come out of Alamo City camp though. That falls on the abrupt departure of Blaise Nkufo just an hour before the season kicked off. "It was a shock to everyone honestly. We're still not sure exactly what the root of the issue is, but we couldn't afford to hold on to him. We're shocked and wish he could be a part of Alamo City but it just wasn't meant to be." Daniel Paladini (CHI) was picked up to replace Nkufo on the roster. Alamo City also released Joseph Ngwenya and signed Ellis McLoughlin (SJ). "One week in and we're already shaking up the roster. Sometimes these things happen and you've got to roll with it no matter how much you may not want too. We'll adjust and we'll move on. We have too."

Alamo City 4-0 Hillcrest United:

Kei Kamara - 2 Assists
Nick Rimando - Clean Sheet, 8 Saves

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