Sunday, March 13, 2011

First Kick - Hillcrest United

Alamo City Set to Take on the BSL in 2011

- San Antonio

The line up is set, the training is done, the prep work is finished, and everything else is set for First Kick 2011. When Alamo City kicks off against Hillcrest the transformation from Montgomery County will be complete. Well, it will be complete in a logistical sense. Sure, it will take a little time for the Alamo City Battle to completely set their own image and define themselves moving forward. The residual feelings from the fan base in Montgomery County won't forget anytime soon, nor will they be forgotten anytime soon. That was evident when Alamo City announced a special kit in honor of its past as MCFC that the club will wear in the (newly re-christened) BSL Classic against Capital District. The fans of the club reciprocated with their embracing of the club's history as they have apparently dedicated a 1,000 seat section of the new stadium to the "Knights of Montgomery." This supporters group was founded by and is specifically for supporters of MCFC from around the country that have chosen to make the transition with the club.

"Our fans, our management, and our players are all first rate. We are involved with the most beautiful game in the world and our goal, outside of winning on the pitch, is to create an environment, feeling, and attitude about our club that represents the game that we love so much," said Alamo City operator David. He went on to say,"We were fortunate in MCFC to have struck gold with a fan base that is as fevered and rabid about the game is anywhere in the world. How we managed to have the good fortune to have that happen twice is beyond me. The supporters have more than done their job already this season. They understood the move and have embraced the unique opportunity to share something with other supporters. They've united, stood up, and backed us from day one of the transition. Now it's up to us to give them the results they deserve."

Hopefully those results will start with the 2011 First Kick match against Hillcrest United. Most people aren't very sure about the draft that Hillcrest had. Alamo City management isn't falling for it. "Sure, on paper you look over the names and kind of scratch your head a little bit. But, if you looked at us on paper last year you scratched your head at the standings. Until the final whistle of each match sounds and we're staring up at a scoreboard that favors our side we aren't going to count on anything. We learned and grew a whole heck of a lot last year. Just look at our 'tale of two seasons' so to speak. For the life of us we couldn't get it right in the first half. Come the second half of the season though we were the hottest team in the league. Crazy things happen in this game and in this league. Our goal, is to keep ourselves out of that mess by taking care of business."


  1. What is the spread???? I want to lay a bet.