Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 Off Season Prep

The off-season began for Alamo City much earlier than the club would have liked.  The early time off was productive though as the club wasted none of it in announcing JACK HARRISON as the club's RETENTION PLAYER for 2017.

Just as the season didn't go as planned, the off-season has already been rather harsh for Alamo City.  The club (as do all BSL clubs) retain their 2016 roster up until the FEB 22 DP/RP deadline.  With the RP slot used on Harrison, the Battle will look to find two players to slap the DP tag on.  The club's bad luck though has already limited their options.  Below is the final 2016 roster with current the current status of the player annoted:  Already there are three players unavailable for the 2017 season and it's only January 1st.

So what will the club do?  Alamo City is OPEN TO ALL TRADE OFFERS/NEGOTIATIONS going into the new season.

Andre Blake (available)
Mauro Diaz (injured, out most/all of 2017)
Giovani Dos Santos (available)
Mike Grella (available)
Benny Feilhaber (available)
Roland Matarrita (available)
Sebastian Lletget (available)
Quincy Amarikwa (available)
Tranquillo Barnetta (NO LONGER IN BSL)
Oscar Boniek Garcia (available)
Tommy McNamara (available)
David Bingham (available)
Alex Muyl (available)
Jordan Hamilton (available)
Masato Kudo (NO LONGER IN BSL)


  1. What do you want for Gio?

  2. It'd take your 1st and some allocation money

  3. Don't want to mess with my 1st round pick. Is there another option?

  4. Not sure ... he's a top 5 player by points scored. He's worth a 1st rounder + some. I'm open to offers though as i'm open to whatever you might be able/willing to put together.

  5. I'm willing to trade you any of my players in addition to paying you ACQ money to balance any stat difference. You interested in Wondo or Kaka?

  6. What kind of package with Kaka, 2nd rounder, and ACQ?

  7. I don't understand. I'm after draft picks to rebuild. Will trade dp slots. Money. And players to get them.

  8. Gio is worth keeping and will trade for him but want to keep my draft picks for rebuild

  9. Well, you'd stated you didn't want to mess with your 1st Round Pick, not that they were all off the board.