Tuesday, August 23, 2016

2017's First Move

Break Out Rookie Sensation First Player Signed for 2017

- San Antonio

With the future of the Alamo City Soccer Club up in the air (the current ownership is confirmed to be heading back to the club's original area in Maryland) one thing that is certain, is that the club will have the hottest young star in the league wearing whatever crest the club has going forward.  "This is about as no-brainer of a choice as you can make," stated Alamo City management.  "A kid fresh out of the draft, not even 20, that's displacing National Team players like Diskerud and is benefiting from playing alongside guys like Pirlo and Lampard?  Come On."

The club was pressed about its future during the impromptu press conference but the FO remained tight lipped.  "All possibilities" were being explored but no further comment on the situation was given.