Monday, February 29, 2016

First Roster Move of the Season

Officially Signed, Goossens Joins the Battle

- San Antonio

"We had our eye on him in the draft," stated Battle Head Coach GBS.  "We've gone out on a limb before with players on trial and we've had mixed results.  We really liked John, but we had to be sure he was going to officially sign before we pulled the trigger.  It just happened after the draft is all."

To make way for Goossens, Alamo City has released 11th round selection Pedro Ribiero.  "It's a shame because we really like Pedro.  John was on our radar and we were hoping he'd have signed before the draft was over.  We may not have selected Pedro if he was available.  This is a move that, in conjunction with Pedro's being utilized more in a mid field role as opposed to a forward so far this pre-season, we feel better rounds out our club."   

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