Sunday, February 28, 2016

2016 Kits & Scarf

At a breakfast event early this morning the Alamo City Soccer Club released the 2016 kits and scarf to Season Ticket Holders.  The club has set a distinct template for their kits going along with the crest redesign that has debuted this season.  Along with the three main kits the club also has a kit specially for the Majors Cup as well as a pre-match top that will be made available for fans.  The fans at the event also were privy to the players walking around handing out the 2016 scarves to those in attendance.


  1. Very nice! Cool scarfs too

    1. Thank you!!!!! Trying to nail down a look I can stay with and only do minor changes too. Think I found it as this will leave the third kit open for whatever I dream up.

  2. Awesome. Here's how I rank them.
    1. prematch
    2. home
    3. third
    4. away
    5. majors

    all are great though

    1. Thanks. I actually made the pre-match first about a month ago. The Majors one was done about a week later. I was deciding whether to switch over the color scheme or not. I tried the template I went with, with the older color scheme but wasn't liking what I was getting ... so the blue/red pushed it out of the way.