Saturday, March 10, 2012

First Kick 2012

Alliance FC First Up In The Line of Fire

The 2012 BSL season gets underway today and Alamo City is poised to take on Alliance FC. The brand new, loaded lineup down in San Antonio will make its debut in hopes of capturing hardware this season. There may not be a more potentially potent set of players in the league but the Alamo City management knows that the players have to produce on the pitch in order for this season to be a success.

"Of course it looks good on paper, for selling tickets, and for getting sponsors. If that were the whole point of all of this we'd call this season a wrap already. We'd take home the trophy and polish it up real nice. That isn't the point though and we all know it. That Inaugural 2009 BSL Cup is getting lonely in that trophy cabinet. It's time to get some more pieces of hardware. Great teams collect trophies. While the one we have has a luster to it that can't be matched by anyone else's, the significance of it will be lost if we can't add to it."

Adding to it is the one and only goal for Alamo City this season. With a chance to take in up to 7 different trophies the club has its sights on as many of them as possible. Each of these pieces of hardware carries its own significance with it. Whether it is being the best in the BSL (BSL Cup, Honors Trophy), getting the best of clubs from other leagues around the world (Major's Cup, Freedom Cup), getting the best of select clubs in the BSL (BSL Classic, Founder's Cup, or simply gaining state bragging rights (Brass Cannon) .... the goal is simple. Collect trophies. Be great. It starts today against Alliance FC.

2012 First Kick Lineup:

Thierry Henry
Eric Hassli
Kris Boyd
Jaime Castrillon
Milovan Mirosevic
Blas Perez
Kelyn Rowe
Josue Martinez

GK: Kevin Hartman

Marcelo Sarvas
Eddie Johnson
Michael Gspurning


  1. Shake hands. Fake smile. Good luck.

  2. Stone Oak Park voted best atmosphere in BSL?????? Source please!!! Best is Saints Stadium. Hands down. No one goes in there and wins. No one.