Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Battle Claim Opening Match

Stars Pave Way for Opening Win of 2012 Season

It was a display that was expected if you ask the Alamo City management and players. The squad has plenty of name value which has bred plenty of expectation from the players themselves, the management, and the fans. These expectations were met, if only for a day, during the 2012 BSL First Kick match up against Alliance FC. Headlining the day was Panamanian International Blas Perez. His effort didn't net him a goal but the hard work didn't go unfulfilled. He got on the sheet with two assists that were indicative of the work he put in. If not for a fantastic day from rookie netminder Ryan Meara, he'd have had a goal or two as well. In that same game, Thierry Henry displayed his new found role in the NYRB offense. Now more of a CF/CAM, the talisman distributed well but couldn't get things going with Agudelo. Once Kenny Cooper entered though, his service started bearing fruit. A fantastic overhead through-ball landed perfectly for Cooper who netted it home giving Henry the assist. Hassli did much of the same hard work as Perez and also was awarded an assist for his time. It was Boyd though, that found the back of the net on a class header that perfectly displayed his skill. Boyd was denied, at the very least, one other goal as MacMath had a great save on a close attempt in the box.

"Surely we're pleased, and we're even more pleased that there were several opportunities that were denied only by fantastic plays by the keepers this weekend. It was only the first match and our players looked as though this were mid-season form. While we're happy we understand this is merely the first match. Given our start the last two seasons though, I think a bigger than normal smile can be excused this once."

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