Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kamara Looking to Battle BSL With Alamo City

SKC Workhorse Heads to Texas

- San Antonio

16 points is what drew Alamo City to take Kei Kamar with the back end of their two, 2nd Round picks in the 2011 BSL Draft. 10 goals and 6 assists. "He's a workhorse. His big, strong, and fast. Last year he showed that he's not just a flashy player, and that he's dead set on coming full circle on all of his potential. With the way that SKC is set up this year Kei looks to be one of best suited to benefit from their line up. He can play on the wing, up front, or roam in the middle. He's got the skill set to do it all up front."

The Alamo City brass wasted no time in pulling the trigger on Kamara with the 18th overall pick. "As is always the case with us, our player selections all fit a purpose. You can see our vision with the people we pick to fill out our squad. Kamara is going to be a great addition for us."


  1. I was pretty excited to see Kamara about to fall to me in the second round. Then you took him. Steal of a pick that late.

  2. Thanks guys.

    I didn't actually have him pencilled in there but when he was still available I had to make the selection.