Thursday, March 3, 2011

Alamo City Adds Rimando - Folan

- San Antonio
Experienced Players Join the Battle

Nick Rimando is arguably the best GK in Major League Soccer. His argument is pretty convincing too. The credentials and big play ability that he possesses as a GK aren't matched by many around the world, let alone in the BSL or MLS. That's exactly why he will now be anchoring the line for Alamo City. "Kasey Keller did a tremendous job for us and we have nothing but respect and admiration for the man. Our draft position however, gave us the ability to not only better position ourselves but to also dictate the tone of each round. Everything we do is part of our strategy. Take a look at how teams responded after we selected Nick. It's all calculated and all for a purpose. Selecting Rimando in the 3rd Round opened a couple of doors for us later in the draft and our 4th Round selection is a prime example of just that."

The 4th Round selection would be the gamble for Alamo City this year. The club's management has garnered a bit of a pinchent for taking chances in the BSL Draft. Last year it was Collins John. "This year, it's Caleb Folan. The man has played at the highest of levels of both club and international football. He's got plenty to offer and brings an element to the game that many strikers in the BSL and MLS don't. He's athletic, AND big. He's not a Kenny Cooper or Conor Casey type. He can actually do the work himself. He doesn't have to be the target."

Both Rimando and Folan join an Alamo City squad that is shaping up to fall in line with the previous incarnations of the club. Among the best.

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