Friday, January 14, 2011

Trade Winds Sweep Alamo City

BSL Teams Stockpiling Draft Picks
- San Antonio

With the MLS SuperDraft out of the way, the teams in the BSL have a little bit better picture of the players available for the 2011 season. The International Transfer Window opened January 1st, and the MLS International Window opens on the 15th. BSL teams are sure to be keen on what happens during these windows as well. Naming their two DPs early on, it looked as though Alamo City was going to get caught behind the 8 ball a little bit.

"Yeah, a few teams out there are collecting first round picks. They're valuable that's for sure. We didn't feel however, that trading one of our DP slots was going to land us a player that was better than either David Ferreira or Thierry Henry. You're talking about the reigning MLS MVP and a man that has been named the Football Association Player of the Year on two occasions. I'll give you a moment to think about it, but I highly doubt you're going to see anyone available in the draft that is better than either of those men."

Certainly personal opinion plays into it as well as the particular srategies of the owners. That said, in terms of raw ability and performance, there really aren't many out there on the level of Ferreira and Henry. As other BSL teams started to make moves and acquire 1st round picks the front office of Alamo City paid attention, but didn't really get too bothered.

"No, we're not worried about it. We're certainly paying attention yes, but not worried. We've already got the two best players in the league in our opinion. On top of that, we've got the first pick in the draft. Regardless of how many 1st round selections other teams have, we're going to get who we feel is the best available player eligible to be drafted. Before any of those stock piled draft picks kick in, we're going to have the three best players we can possibly have in an Alamo City kit.

That said, we did realize that we needed to do something. Alliance FC provided us our answer. The new club approached us about one of our players and offered their 2nd round pick in return. We took them up on the offer.

SO, we're officially announcing here that ANDY NAJAR has been traded to Alliance FC for their 2nd round pick."

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