Monday, January 17, 2011

Alamo City Surprise Announcement

Stone Oak Park Development Unveiled
- San Antonio

The Alamo City ownership group is at it again. For months, there had been a development project off of Route 1604 that many people felt was the start of SS&E's project to bring an MLS team to the Alamo City. There had been several rumors flying around but the Spurs Ownership group remained quiet on the matter. From Alamodome renovations, Alamo Stadium redevelopment, and finally the Stone Oak project the speculation was rampant.
Today the Alamo City Battle Soccer Club announced that they were the ones behind the project. Stone Oak Park was officially unveiled today with a model and several artist renditions of the final product. Not too much else was let out but that was done on purpose.
"I think we dropped a big enough bombshell with the announcement. We'll let it simmer for a bit before releasing full details on the stadium. We'd begun the project months ago as many of you are already aware. What we didn't know, was that the sale of our stadium in Maryland was going to go as quickly and smoothly as it did. A buyer came in with an offer that was actually more than our valuation and they were ready to cut the check, so to speak, right away. I can understand as that facility is brand new. Now though, we're going to have another brand new complex here in San Antonio. The model and the pictures speak for themselves. This is going to be the best soccer complex in North America, and one of the finest anywhere. AND, we will be in it this season."
We were only able to snag one of the pictures and a snapshot of the model at the press conference but we can assure you that we'll have more information the moment it is released.


  1. Wanna swap my DP for ur first rounder?

  2. No thank you. The only two guys on my roster I'd have taken with the #1 pick I've already claimed as DP's ...

    The players available at #1 are more valuable than another DP slot from my current squad.

    I appreciate the offer though.