Friday, February 3, 2017

Moving and Shaking

Alamo City Announces Off-Season Moves

The phones and emails were working over time last night as the Alamo City Battle officially made three moves.  The club first sold Benny Feilhaber to Hawaii for 20$ in ACQF.  "It was a tough decision," stated the ACSC front office.  "We love Benny, the fans love Benny, and he loves it here.  We were weighing the option of using our 2nd DP slot on Benny.  There were several conversations that took place and ultimately it was mutually deemed that this was the right move for both he and the club."  The move was made in conjunction with Alamo City and Hawaii swapping early round draft picks (Alamo City gets Hawaii's 2nd round pick and sends their own 3rd round pick to Hawaii).  The funds were then turned around and used to acquire Mauro Manotas from Capital District.  Manotas will occupy Alamo City's RE-ENTRY slot.  15$ was the ACQF price tag for a player that could potentially be the break out star of the season.  "We've had our eye on him for a while and just weren't able to acquire him.  With the funds coming in from selling Benny, we were able to make a move for Mauro and get him at a net positive cost.  He's poised to be a star in this league and Houston has set up the club to feed him the opportunities to cash in on that potential."

With the moves Alamo City's 2017 roster now consists of Jack Harrison, Giovani Dos Santos, and Mauro Manotas.  The club is still deliberating on whether or not to use their 2nd DP slot.  Alamo City officials were asked if they were still open for negotiations on the rights to their remaining players, to which they responded "absolutely."  


  1. How much r u selling your dp slot for?

    1. Don't know if I am yet. Still deliberating on two players.

    2. you wouldn't be willing to trade your 1st rounder for the DP slot would you?