Saturday, February 25, 2017

2017 SuperDraft Complete

Alamo City Roster Set for First Kick

The initial roster for the Alamo City Soccer Club is set now that the 2017 BSL SuperDraft is complete.  According to several sources within the club's FO, the club is "ecstatic" with how things turned out.  Looking over the list it's easy to see why.  The club has three players that will literally be the central point through which their clubs will run their attack.  Bringing back David Bingham was also a huge lift for the club while snagging Carlos Rivas in the 8th round could be a steal along the lines of Omar Cummings with the potential he's got being paired up top of Orlando's attack with Cyle Larin.  Gerso and Kadrii are players filled with plenty of potential while Quioto and Lamah were brought in to be key contributors.  Urena is the wild card and Goossens looks to be a regular in a very solid Chicago attack.