Monday, June 20, 2016

Silver Lining and a Quick Draw

It wasn't enough to keep the BSL Classic but Alamo City did defeat the CD Gunners in the latest installment of the longest running and heated rivalry in the BSL.  The win was an absolute must for the Battle as defeat here would have likely left a bridge too far in terms of qualifying for the playoffs.  Thanks to the late match dramatics (a brace from both Feilhaber and Grella in the 2nd half) the Battle see themselves alive and well in the playoff hunt.  With their playoff qualification chances still intact, the Battle must regain that early season scoring form as they can potentially do some real damage as their next two league matches are against SC Canada and Cumberland.  Those are the two teams directly ahead of Alamo City in the standings.  It's the win against the Gunners that gives the Battle a shot to close out the season and get another shot at the BSL Title.  While it is a rare win for the Battle against the Gunners, it falls right in line with the others they have.  It's a big one.

Up first though?  Major's Cup Qualifying against ... you guessed, the Gunners.  Both clubs are sitting fine in the early MCQ's but it would really help the Battle to get another 3 points and ease the pressure going forward.

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