Tuesday, May 26, 2015

2 Out of 3 Usually Ain't Bad

Battle Take Back Classic
- San Antonio

Going 2 for 3 is usually a good day at the plate especially when it involves regaining silverware from your biggest rival.  That wasn't the case though as some of the shine from taking the 2015 Classic and notching their first win in MCQ fell off due to losing the league match to Capital District.  "Of course we're ecstatic to bring home the Classic for just the second time in the history of this rivalry.  It was a good thing we managed a shut out in the first leg.  They always come up big against us and we were on our last thread.  Thankfully the 90 ended before they could fire home the winner.  It would have been really nice though, to bring this back home with some ground made up in the league as well."


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