Friday, April 3, 2015

Stuck on the Duece

Late Game Heroics From Newly Signed Earnshaw Saves Point

- San Antonio

It's bizarre, but it's reality.  For the fourth consecutive match Alamo City was only able to muster 2 points on the score sheet.  This week the club needed late match substitution and newly acquired Robert Earnshaw to salvage the 2 on the score line and the point in the standings.  It's frustrating because there is all sorts of moving and shaking going on.  "It'd be one thing if our players were just flat you know ?  If this were just an early season rust that wasn't going away or if people were just misfiring early on.  That isn't it at all though ..."  That's the sentiment from the Battle FO and they have reason to feel that way.

The perfect case in point is Diego Fagundez (who unexpectedly didn't play this past weekend).  While he doesn't have a tally in the goal or assist column yet he has already ripped off six shots.  Dairon Asprilla has four shots and along with Fagundez have looked exceptional in facilitating the attack.  It just hasn't fallen for them.

While the frustration is setting in with the attack being slow to find the final punch there was some silver lining this weekend.  Despite the fact that Martins, Fagunez, Nemeth, and Diaz all were either late or in game decisions and didn't play, the club did find a 3 spot in the MCQ score line.  This much better represented the actual play going on down in San Antonio.  Despite only having 6 outfield players actually seeing the field the club managed a higher score than they'd achieved so far this season.  Hopefully the trend continues upward as the club faces Burud Town in week 5 and also kicks off the Freedom Cup against Zenit.

Week 5 Lineup:

Obafemi Martins (C)
Mauro Diaz
Tesho Akindele
Krisztian Nemeth
Dairon Asprilla
Andrew Wenger
Diego Fagundez
Robbie Findley
Robert Earnshaw
Leonel Miranda

Luis Marin

Dilly Duka
Sebastian Jaime
Adam Kwarasey

Frank Lampard 

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