Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Better Performance Gives Hope to Battle Faithful

- San Antonio

While the Battle's luck shone through in the 5-4 defeat this past weekend (Alamo City was up against one of only two clubs that they wouldn't have gained points from), the overall picture can't be ignored.  Alamo City DOUBLED what it had put on the score board for the first four weeks of the season.  That's right, after having put a two spot on the board every match thus far the Battle struck for four points ... albeit in a losing effort.  The pattern caused Alamo City's FO to go ahead and make a couple of moves, one of which was a shock to those in attendance at the press conference.  The swapping of Leonel Miranda for Mike Grella didn't really send any flags up.  Most viewed it as a positive swap.  The second announced move though, Sebastian Jaime being dropped for Martin Patterson ?  What ?  Jaime is a DP, high draft pick for the Battle, and a player that both RSL and Alamo City were pinning expectations on.  Martin Patterson hasn't touched the field yet.

"Trajectory," stated the Alamo City FO, "and the one that Jaime is on ... well we can't afford to wait it out given our start to the season.  Unfortunately he's started slow and now he's got an injury to deal with.  We're being patient with Mauro, so we can't with him.  Martin Patterson though, well, he's on a different trajectory.  He showed very well in pre-season but got an injury that's kept him out of things up till now.  He's rounding into playing shape and showed to be the answer to the one problem they've got down in Orlando.  We may  have to wait one more week but we'd have to sit Jaime anyway.  We're going to go with the guy rounding into playing time."

The Battle did reap the benefits of their four point effort in their Freedom Cup match against Zenit as they downed the Russian side 4-3 (Hulk 2G, Shatov A).

Week 6 VS Orange County

Obafemi Martins
Dilly Duka
Tesho Akindele (C)
Krisztian Nemeth
Dairon Asprilla
Andrew Wenger
Mauro Diaz
Robbie Findley
Robert Earnshaw
Mike Grella

Adam Kwarasey

Martin Patterson
Diego Fagundez
Luis Marin

Frank Lampard

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