Friday, April 4, 2014

Match 5 - Benny and the Jets Feature in BSL Match of the Week

Lone Undefeated Teams Clash With Top of the Table on the Line

Things have been pretty good for the Battle so far.  The ebb and flow of the early season has managed to keep from dragging Alamo City out with the tide.  Even a week of overall low scoring didn't catch up to the Battle and they're hoping for more of the same this week.  Most likely normal captain Theirry Henry won't play at all due to the plastic pitch up in Montreal.  While it is possible he gets minutes and gets on the score sheet, Alamo City can't take that chance and keep a 90 minute player on the bench this week.  The good news is that the entire roster has been producing so the impact of Henry's benching this week should be minimal.  Several stars are emerging and many of them have the stage set to really break out.  This would be an opportune time for one or more of them to grab the spotlight.

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