Saturday, March 22, 2014

Week 3 - Second City

Battle Look to Keep Hot Start Going Against Second City 

"The way it's worked in the past, is that they're ripe to kick our ass."  That was the take away line from Friday's press conference with Alamo City management.  Second City has a couple of injury concerns, one out with a red card suspension, and another out due to the schedule.  Toss on top of that, that two guys they figured would be regular contributors have been anything but ... and you're looking at a recipe for disaster for Alamo City if they can't stay on the ball.  It always makes you lose a little sleep when your opponent has a player that can beat you all by himself, and Second City has one of those players.  The Battle though, have every reason to be feeling good about the match this weekend.  With the entirety of the lineup producing so far this season, there's every reason to believe it'll take more than just one man to bring the Battle down.

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