Friday, March 14, 2014

Match 2 VS Orange County

Club Talisman - Henry - Ready to Lead Battle Into Week 2 Match Up

"The season is long, and the approach is geared to best facilitate winning.  We felt it was best that I stayed out of the first match.  We didn't like it, but it was the smart move.  Now, I'm a bit extra motivated as I'm getting a late start ... and well, the opponent certainly doesn't hurt my motivation."

Those were the words of Thierry Henry at the press conference Friday morning.  Having sat out the first week, the club captain has been itching to put on the new kit and step onto the field for the Battle.  Last week he stood with the owners in the visiting suite and watched as his teammates, new and old, put five on the board to defeat the defending BSL Champions at their place.  So naturally, after facing the defending champions, it is only fitting that the next opponent to open the season is the only other team to beat the Battle last season (and the only team do beat them during the regular season, sweeping the season series).  It is a long and familiar road for Alamo City but the pressure cooker has just continued to turn out diamonds as far as the Battle are concerned.  

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