Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Alamo City SC Partners With PIRMA and Club Leon

Mexican Sports Clothing Manufacturer Now the Official Supplier for Alamo City
Leon Official Partner Club

"This was such an easy decision," stated Alamo City management after the formal announcement earlier this morning.  "A rising, quality manufacturer that is based right here in North America was the easy choice.  Sure, we've had great relationships with Nike, Adidas, and Puma but we're about moving forward and pushing boundaries here.  PIRMA has been putting out top rate equipment for over 20 years now and they're gaining momentum by leaps and bounds.  We're happy to get in on what the rest of the soccer world is viewing as the ground floor with these guys."

This announcement concludes a near year long search to find the new supplier as all current contracts were due to expire February 1st.  The club has stated that the the players will (and always will) be open to wear the shoes of their choosing due to the individual needs and importance of their feet.  Other than the shoes though, PIRMA will be providing all match and training gear, as well as the officially licensed gear for sale by Alamo City.  

The partnership with Club Leon will bring a whole new dimension to the Battle.  Pre-season training and games will be conducted both in Mexico and San Antonio.  Club Leon will also be a permanent fixture in the Freedom Cup.  "Both clubs have a vision for pushing the envelope and developing the game here in North America.  Liga MX and Mexican soccer has a long and storied history that is represented by clubs like Leon.  We here in America are young but we have resources and capability that very places have.  Combining the two is the perfect way to really begin the evolution of this game in North American and show the rest of the world that we not only belong ... but we can be at the forefront of the sport."

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