Thursday, August 8, 2013

Win Record - Brass Canon - Controversy

2-0 Win Over Alliance Gives Alamo City Single Season Win Mark

It was a good and bad week for the Alamo City Battle.  The club beat Alliance 2-0 to obtain the all time win record in a single season.  There was a bit of a stain over the week though as the announcement that Clint Dempsey was coming to the league.  Obviously everyone was interested but it was Alamo City's approach that brought on a controversy.

"We won't get into details because we don't want to dwell on things.   What we do wish to do though, is apologize for our reaction.  While we'll never be apologetic about our passion, drive, and strategy as a club ... well will apologize for reactions and comments made in the heat of things.  With the meticulous approach we bring to every facet of this organization it is inexcusable that we release an off the cuff reaction like we did.  This organization will continue to do any and everything it can within the rules of the Bigtime Soccer League in order to be its best club.  We understand that not everyone will see eye to eye with our strategies and our approach.  We respect everyone's view and ask only that ours are as well."

Also, the ACSC has officially taken home the Brass Canon for 2013.   

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