Monday, July 15, 2013

The Wait is Over - Alamo City Claims First Ever BSL Classic and Clinches Founder's Cup

Capital District's Stranglehold on Rivalry Broken in 6-5 Slugfest

It took everything they had, but the Alamo City Soccer Club was finally able to take down their long time rivals Capital District.  In their first win over the Gunner since the Inaugural BSL Cup match, the Battle positioned themselves for an unprecedented run to finish the season.  Everything had come to this match.  The 2nd leg of the BSL Classic would either catapult the Battle towards making a run at history, or send them crashing back down to earth with a hard dose of reality.  Tied at 2-2 after the first leg of the cup, Alamo City was quite wary of this match.  The Gunners had been steam rolling the second half of the schedule to this point and would have liked nothing more than to once again deflate the Battle's season.  It didn't help that this exact scenario has played out year after year and proven to be costly for the Battle.  Though, just 15 minutes into the match Alamo City captain and club talisman Theirry Henry made a statement that would set the tone for an intense, nail biting finish to this year's iteration of the BSL Classic. 

"It was just one of those matches, and for once it was against Capital District," said Henry.  "Everything just opened up and we were able to all flow together.  It was very important to go out and set the tone for the match.  We've had years of frustration built after so many close calls against them and not being able to finish and get the result.  There was so much riding on this match for us, and we came through.  We broke through."

That break through was led by Henry himself.  In that first 15 minutes he notched a goal and an assist (his goal aided by Brandon Barklage's assist) and the Battle were off and running.  By the time Henry was done playing the match was already 4-1 in favor of Alamo City (it should have been 5-0 but Henry gave way to Capital District's Peguy Luyindula on a PK).  It looked as though this would be another run away from the Battle but the Gunners had other ideas.  Immediately they responded as Kei Kamara got an assisted and John Busch recorded a clean sheet.  That's when Diego Valeri did his best Henry impression and looked to pull the Gunner's ahead in the match with his own two assists.  The Battle had the answers though as Olmes Garcia found the net and Jimmy Nielsen recorded a clean sheet of his own.  The final few minutes of the match ticked off with nothing coming of either sides remaining players.

With the 6-5 win the Battle lay claim to the 2013 BSL Classic and also clinched the 2013 Founder's Cup.  The original members of the BSL just haven't been able to keep up as the Battle have averaged 5.4 points per match in Founder's Cup play and clinched the cup with several matches still to be played.  With the results this weekend the club has now taken three pieces of hardware this season (Freedom Cup already won).  "It's been fantastic so far" concluded Henry, "but we're far from done."

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