Thursday, July 25, 2013

Honors Trophy Comes to San Antonio

3-2 Win Over Rival Gateway United Gives Alamo City the 2013 BSL Honors Trophy

The script was about as perfect as you could get.  This past weekend Alamo City claimed the 2013 Honors Trophy and became only the second BSL club to win all three major trophies.  The win that clinched it came against fellow original BSL member Gateway United.  Going back to last year's race for the trophy shows why this was a nice twist of fate for the Battle.  Having already clinched the Founder's Cup, the win only furthered the lead at the top of that table for Alamo City.  There are still a few matches left in the season and the club isn't set to relax.  There is still plenty to play for in regards to BSL records as well as the playoff race.  The Battle still have a match against second place Orange County that could end up determining playoff seeding.   


  1. did you email about anangano too and get no response earlier this week?

  2. i emailed commish and he said something mustve been down? feels like we should still get a shot at the guy